Adoption services by an Adoption Practitioner who is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) can be claimed on many medical plans: Check your medical benefit plan to see if RSW services are included and can be claimed as an expense.

Claiming Registered Social Work (RSW) fees through your medical benefits/as a tax deduction:

  • Registered Social Workers are  “medical practitioners” and may be claimed as medical expenses  on your annual tax returns.

  • If you have supplemental medical benefits RSW services are usually included in your plan as family counselling.

  • Adoption services may be claimed as an income tax deduction during the year in which a family adopts a child. For the 2020 taxation year, the maximum amount of eligible expenses for the Adoption Expense Tax Credit is $16,563 per child.

Parental Leave in Ontario: Information about paternal leave for adoptive parents.

Adoption Grants: Some employers offer their employees additional benefits during or following the adoption process.  Check with your organization's HR department to see if you qualify.


Targetted Subsidies Policy Directive:  Ontario CAS's offer subsidies to families adopting a child over the age ten or sibling groups.  Contact your local CAS for more information.


Pre- and post-adoption medical assessments (for international adoptions) are available at St. Michael's Hospital through the Immigrant Health and Infectious Disease Clinic: click here for more information.