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Helpful information

The Ontario Government's adoption site can be accessed here

If you are just getting started in adoption, waiting to be matched, fostering or an adoptive parent, Interwoven Connections (Formerly Adopt4Life) is Ontario's Adoptive Parent Association. The organization has excellent events, educational opportunities, Peer-to-Peer supports and offers an excellent resource library.

The Adoption Council of Ontario provides information for families interested in adoption.

Parental leave information for Ontario adoptive families can be found here.    

Beginning in 2008, The Access to Adoption Records Act has allowed adopted adults and birth parents access to post-adoption birth information. Contact Service Ontario to apply for this information, toll-free: 1-800-461-2156.

To access information about an Ontario adoption, use the Ontario Adoption Registry.

Claiming adoption practitioner fees as a medical benefit:

  • Ontario adoption practitioners must have a Master's degree in social work (MSW) and a designated Registered Social Worker (RSW).

  • If you have supplemental medical insurance, check to see if you have coverage for MSW/RSW services.


Claiming social work fees as a tax deduction:


Adoption Grants: Some employers, including financial institutions, offer adoption-specific benefits to employees. Check with your organization's HR department to see if you qualify.

Targeted Subsidies Policy Directive: The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies offers subsidies to families adopting a child over the age of ten or sibling groups. Contact your local CAS for more information.

Adoptive families who have been provided with an international child proposal should have the proposal and supporting medical information reviewed by specialists with expertise in adoption proposals. A list of MDs and clinics can be found here

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